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On Tuesday, the Trump Administration announced it would be ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). This heartless move rips away hope and protection for DREAMers—young immigrants who are American in fact, if not on paper.

It is a devastating blow to the futures of nearly 800,000 DREAMers across the country and more than 9,000 here in Maryland. DREAMers contribute to our communities, our economy, and our culture - they deserve elected officials who are willing to stand up and fight for them. 

Since Trump's announcement, leaders like Attorney General Brian Frosh have taken a strong stand for Maryland's DREAMers:

“President Trump’s action to end DACA today is a shameful attack on 800,000 young people who have grown up in this country and are making important contributions to our economy, and to our educational and civic institutions.  Most recently, many have taken heroic actions as first responders in the recent devastating floods in Texas and are poised to help rebuild the state.   Ending this program will break families apart, deprive thousands of the work opportunities and education that will help them support themselves and their families, and rob employers of a diverse and committed work force.

Our country has already invested in these DREAMers – the next generation of teachers, skilled workers, and business owners – and we must find a way to continue that commitment.  Turning our backs on them is the wrong choice. 

My office is evaluating all potential options to protect these DREAMers and their families.”

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Gov. Hogan.

When asked about Trump's DACA decision, Hogan's office refused to stand up for DREAMers and instead indicated that Hogan hopes Congress can find a solution. Maryland DREAMers deserve better.

Add your name to the growing list of Marylanders who think Gov. Hogan should take a strong stand to protect Maryland's DREAMers. 

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    MOre than 70% of Dreamers are working and more than 25% are in school. They are an asset to our communities and many have never known another country but the U.S. We must protect them so that they have the same opportunities that were given to OUR ancestors who came here as immigrants.
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    Governor Hogan,

    I work in the school system and I’ve seen the positive impact the DACA program has had to bring hope and inspire the DREAMers to do their best in anticipation of living and working in the U.S. We have DREAMers in Maryland who need the state of Maryland to stand up for DACA, to assure them they won’t be sent back to a country they don’t even know. I have found that you have stood up for some important environmental decisions in Maryland, and I’d like to see you also stand up for those who are vulnerable in their future here in the U.S. Maryland should thank the DREAMers for their commitment to our state and country by showing them our commitment and speaking up on their behalf. You have the power, Governor, to be heard. Please use it.
    Katie McCord
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