Sign the Petition: Hogan Should Protect Our Public Lands

In keeping with his dangerous and reckless agenda, the Trump administration has announced an effort to expand coal mining practices on publicly owned lands. Now, Maryland needs Governor Larry Hogan to step up and take a stand to protect the future of our state's public lands.

As detailed in this piece from The New York Times, this expansion of mining would have detrimental and far-reaching consequences here in the state of Maryland and beyond, from increasing carbon emissions to polluting water supplies and harming livestock farmers. In fact, Trump's plan is so dangerous that New Mexico and California have already filed a lawsuit over the issue.

With this announcement, Trump's Interior Department has made it clear that protecting and sustaining public lands is less important than the ability to profit from them - and we couldn't disagree more.

Maryland deserves leadership that will fight to protect it. Add your name to the growing list of Marylanders urging Governor Hogan to stand up against the Trump administration's latest move and protect Maryland's public lands.

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