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  • commented on Hogan's Budget Slashes Education Funding, Again 2018-02-04 11:02:00 -0500
    Many Marylanders approved the casinos because schools were going to get a cut of the take. The same with the lotteries. What good are jobs when the people in the state are not educated enough to fill them?

  • Sign the Petition: Sen. Oaks, Override Hogan's Veto

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    The Maryland General Assembly passed a smart new law to provide hardworking Marylanders with paid sick leave. Governor Larry Hogan promptly vetoed these protections, leaving over 700,000 workers in our state without the ability to prioritize their health and the needs of their families.

    Make no mistake: The victims of this decision are Maryland parents and children. Without this law, hundreds of thousands of Marylanders will have to choose between taking care of themselves and their loved ones or losing their job. 

    Larry Hogan caved to the special interests and turned his back on working Marylanders. We now look to the Maryland General Assembly to stand up to the Governor and override his veto in January.

    Senator Oaks, thank you for standing with working families. We need you to continue standing with us by voting to override Larry Hogan's veto. 

    We're counting on you!

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